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From the creators of Isekai Meta we bring you Studio Sekai

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Studio Sekai Animators

— For the dreamers, builders, and storytellers in both web2 and web3 realms —

In a space where numbers often take center stage, Studio Sekai is primed to stand out in the creative page. A Web3-native art and animation studio that takes an aspiration of creating worlds and telling meaningful stories, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the decentralized landscape. With the rise of digital ownership, one aspect that remains to be a challenge is the integration of animation and visual arts. Despite its potential to revolutionize the way stories are told and experienced, studios and companies have yet to fully embrace the opportunities that the semantic web has to offer. We believe that this step is critical for the growth of the space, and the team of Studio Sekai is determined to fill this gap and lead the charge.

Studio Sekai aims to be at the forefront of 2D animation in Web3.

Cute Duck Laying Down

Our MISSION is to bring new life and meaning to web3 by delivering captivating and impactful stories through the art of animation and the new wave of modern storytelling, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of both viewers, and builders.